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  1. Kathleen Delaney

    Inspire. Inspire. Inspire.
    I commit to honoring my creative and artistic voice EVERY damn day!!!
    Thank you.


  2. Shradha Shah

    Just browsed your blog and read this entry. Thanks. I didn’t know about Language is a Virus —

    Your entries are keeping me motivated!


    Ami Mattison Reply:

    Hey, Shradha! Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you’re finding the posts to be useful! Language is a Virus is a cool site. Be sure to check it out. And feel free to drop by again!


  3. Graham

    Hey nice post, thanks. I’ve started doing 15 minutes of free writing each morning at freeblogging.me and I highly recommend it.


  4. anuradha senarathna

    hay thank you your help us me write a daily routine


  5. sidhganga

    I got lot of tipes to learn how to writi every day. Thank you so much



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    [...] in a post on her wonderful blog poetryNprogress (not just for poets), offers advice on “Developing a Writing Routine: How To Write Every Day,” including this: “So, how do you stay motivated and maintain your writing routine? One [...]

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